Our CleanSweep Service

We offer a helpful product that provides clients with a quality maintenance service of their major investment. Our CleanSweep service provides an ongoing update and general maintenance regiment for their home. The service includes a Mini Home Inspection Report of major areas/potential safety concerns, replacement of HVAC filters, change of batteries for Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Thermostat (all if applicable) and an operation check of sump/sanitary pumps.  This service gives anyone from beginner to seasoned home owners assistance with some general maintenance of their major investment. These features are important aspects of a home for health, safety and protection. Regular attention of them are an important part of ownership and we at MJG want to make sure our clients feel comfortable knowing that things are taken care of properly. Call today for information about this service.

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Thermostat Batteries

  • HVAC Filters